We are offering Mindfulness classes for children Aged 5 – 19
Learn to surf the waves, as you cannot stop them!

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the natural ability to be consciously attentive and present in the moment:

  • Awareness of the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, the irritation of fatigue in your body and all the other things you can observe in the inner and outer world.
  • Observing feelings, thoughts and physical signals as soon as they appear and for as long as they last. Staying with whatever there is, or by totally letting go, you will discover your inner world. Learning to be OK with what there is and also coping better with the outside world. Less reactive and calmer! Present, kind and curious. Without judging. In each unique moment. NOW.

Careen is a qualified teacher of the method by Eline Snel, The International Academy for Mindful Teaching (AMT), for more information please click here

Mindfulness is not Buddhist nor religious

How to use this method?
You can do it at home, at school, or anywhere, children learn to sit still like a frog. Dealing with “storms or agitations” in their inner world, they learn to calm down.

Beginning with:

  • Being aware of your experiences (the process of breathing, feelings, thoughts), in a friendly way, without judging;
  • Responding consciously to what you experience.

Why Mindfulness for children?

Like adults, children are often too busy. They cannot sleep, are easily distracted and often restless. They have a head full of anxious thoughts. The “on button” works, but where is the “off button”?
By exposing children to mindfulness from a young age, they learn to observe and concentrate better, to be in touch with their bodies, and to relax.


  • A calm mind and body improve concentration and learning performance. Children are no longer weighed down with problems, but find solutions. Their self-confidence and resilience increase; their sense of failure decreases.
  • Children deal with qualities such as ‘compassion’, ‘patience’ and ‘letting go of things you cannot change’. In this way, they learn to cope with short-and long-term stress; they become kinder and less disruptive.